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Maxon Radio's Powerful Performers
SP 120, SP 130, SP 140, SP 150

SP-120 Series

The SP-120 VHF/UHF scanning radios provide 2 Watts output power and 4 programmable channels. Optonal PC Programming software allows the radio to be customized to the user's preferences, while battery save circuitry provides up to eight hours of service.

SP 120

SP-130 Series

Maxon's SP-130 Series VHF/UHF radios provide the same features and convenient accessories as the SP-140 Series, in a 4 channel format. The SP-130's are MIL-STD810C, D and E approved, and are also available in Intrinsically Safe Certified version.

SP 130

SP-140 Series

The SP-140 Series VHF/UHF scanning portables offer wideband operation on 16 channels. A multitude of programmable features, along with a large selection of accessory items, give these two-way radios the flexibility needed to meet your needs in any situation. This series is MIL-STD-810C, D and E and an Intrinsically Safe Certified version is available for use in extreme environments.

SP 140

SP-150 Series

Maxon's SP-150U combines the benefits of UHF trunking in a feature-rich portable with surprisingly easy operation. With multiple scan options, programmable audio levels and a high capacity battery, this reliable radio will make communicating in your World very simple. Just push, talk and listen.

SP 150

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